Daily specials

Flemish Beefstew 

 Belgian classic, homemade beefstew with salad & fries.


Vol Au Vent

Belgian Chicken stew with fries.



nature-white wine-portugais-crème, served with fries.


 Caesar Salad Classic

Served with Bread.


Sea Bass Fillet mediterranean style 

Eggplant, zucchini, lemon & baby potato.


Fish & Chips Maison

fried victoria bass (local north sea fish), lemon & fresh tartar sauce.


 Steak Grillé Blanc Blue Belge

Served with salad & fries.


Beefburger BBQ 

Cheese,Bacon & Pickles options.


Spaghetti Funghi

Sauce Parmesan, mushrooms. 


Pizza Buratta

Italian Tomato-cheese, Buffalo Mozarella. 


Hollywood visitors.

On March 28, we received a great visit from a top actress and actor.
 Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher.

 And on April 22, we had the honor of getting to know an actress from the Harry Potter films. a wonderful woman, Frances de la Tour. It was an honor to serve her for a week and to get to know her.

Breakfast Time



Coffee & Croissant


Croissant, baguette, ham & cheese, egg sunny side up & fresh orange juice. Choise between:coffee-tea-hot chocolate


Breakfast from 9:30-12 am.


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